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Sally Doten



As life goes on, I find it harder to figure out what my priorities are. Does anyone have this problem or is it me? Now tonight I have choices to make and not sure which way to go. 

Do I watch “The Bachelor” and see what those hometown dates have to hold; do I watch Ice Dancing and cheer for the team from Connecticut; or do I just sit here and concentrate on writing this column and making sense of it? 

Sending get well wishes to Sam Saunders. Sam has been a patient at EMMC in Bangor. 

Peter Howland is feeling better after being at EMMC for a surgical procedure. Don’t overdo, Peter, they will make you go back.

Dotty Johnson is still feeling under the weather. Visiting with her this week is her niece, Donna Peare from Rumford. Dotty, we miss your column and recipes. We need you back writing and telling stories about the farm.

Also, on the sick list is Freddie Wallace of Crawford. He has this nasty flu that is going around and has been diagnosed with pneumonia. Hope you’re feeling better soon, Freddie. This is a horrid year for illnesses.

At this very minute it looks like the Town Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 8 at 6 p.m. at the Baring Baptist Church. If the date changes I will post it on Facebook.

On March 6 at 1 p.m. I will be resuming my “Sittercise” class at the 2nd Baptist Church. All ladies over 60 are invited to attend, no charge. I will provide your resistant bands for class. Bring a bottle of water and wear comfy clothes.