A Day of Snowy Fun in Princeton

It was free fishing weekend across the state, meaning everyone, even without a license, could enjoy the great outdoors. Baileyville and the DownEast Fishing Lunatics held their Family Fun Day on Sunday at Pocomoonshine Lake and a big draw was, of course, ice fishing. (Photo by Kaileigh Deacon)

By Kaileigh Deacon


This past Sunday on Pocomoonshine Lake the ice was hopping with the sound of hurrying feet and voices carrying ice fishing tips. The Downeast Fishing Lunatics and Baileyville Chief Bob Fitzsimmons organized a Family Fun Day for anyone who wanted to join. 

With the help of businesses like Machias Savings Bank, Crumbs, V. L. Tammaro and Johnson’s True Value, the Family Fun Day was supplied with plenty of food and warm drinks to keeps kids of all ages warm and full. Staff from various Machias Savings Bank locations were on hand Sunday to help dish out food while Jamie Bohanon manned the grill.

Kids didn’t go away empty handed as there was a table full of donated prizes and coloring books to be given away. Each kid that stepped onto the ice got a chance to enter their name for one of the prizes on the table.

When they weren’t grabbing a bite to eat, there was skating, snowmobiling, sledding, and, of course, ice fishing. This past weekend was free fishing weekend in the State of Maine, meaning anyone who wanted to could enjoy the thrill of seeing the little flag tip up through the ice. The Downeast Fishing Lunatics were on hand to help with drilling holes and getting people set up for catching some fish. 

The event also had the support and attendance of many local law enforcement agencies. Member of Baileyville PD and Fire Department were there as well as the Warden’s service along with a special four legged officer. Downeast EMS was on hand just in case. 

It is because we have a caring community full of businesses and people willing to go the extra mile that these events are such successes. Without all the volunteers and donations, events like Family Fun Day wouldn’t be able to happen. 

It was a good day to be out on the ice and fun was had by all. Though there were a few slips on the ice, it was a fun family day away from technology and out in the great outdoors of our backyard.