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Linda Baniszeski 


We have again experienced a vast assortment of weather over the past 10 days.  One day was a preview of spring -- warm sunshine, birds singing and an altogether pretty day.  Then, of course, came the snow and then a little bit of rain, higher temperatures followed by very cold temperatures.   Hey!  It’s Maine in February.

Looking out the window as I write this, I see some ice fishers across the frozen cove, a snowmobile rider racing by over the lake surface, red squirrels and a variety of birds peacefully co-existing around the bird feeder, and beautiful sunshine reflecting from snowy surfaces.  Life is good in Meddybemps.  Our resilient community knows how to enjoy whatever weather comes our way.  We have learned from Danny Wallace that the ice is 18” thick in our cove.  It’s still safe for ice related activities.

Happy birthday to Ingrid (Bloomhardt) Hews on February 26, a longtime summer resident.

We were subject to a telephone scam.  Please be aware that if someone phones you and tells you it is the IRS -- hang up!  We had a message on our answering machine allegedly from the IRS saying it was urgent that we call them back since we owed them back taxes; and to not be charged more interest and/or fined, we needed to get back to them immediately.  Since we always file our taxes way before the deadline, generally overpay and receive a refund, we knew this was bogus.  The IRS will never phone you this way.  You will receive a very official looking letter in the mail.  If it is really important, the IRS sends a registered letter.  My personal business was audited awhile back, and a letter was sent to me with a phone number and address to contact directly. 

It’s soon time for the Meddybemps Annual Town Meeting. I will provide that information as soon as it is available.