Alexander/Crawford History news

Town News

By John Dudley 

& Cassie Oakes



At the north end of the Robb Hill Road was the home of the family from northern Ireland.  Harris told of two graves in the yard, Harding men who had died logging there after the Robbs had moved off the hill.  The Robbs were Protestants when in Ireland but became Roman Catholics here, thus they likely are buried at the Catholic Cemetery in Calais or later in Woodland.  Graves of Catholic residents of Alexander are common at the Calais Cemetery.  Families buried at Calais include Blaney, Cotter, Foley, Hackett, Leahan, Robb and Tracey.



At the top of Taylor Hill, west of Robb Hill, are graves. The only one we are sure of was Samuel Brown (1759-1850).  Sam was likely Alexander’s first settler.  One of his daughters married a Taylor, thus the name of that steep hill on the South Princeton Road.  How many were buried here?  The stones were moved out of the field by Beaupre to grow potatoes to feed his family and pasture his horse.




John Moore came to Alexander from Ireland before 1820 and settled on a twenty-acre farm on lot 78.  He married Nancy Moholland and raised a family on that small acreage.  He died on June 4, 1852.  Nancy followed him down that path of no return on December 29, 1856.  She was buried beside her husband, plus likely a son named John, in an unlocated cemetery on their farm.  When his son sold the land he accepted a 30’ + 30’ burial lot.  Where is the Moore Family Cemetery?



Maria, first wife of John Perkins (1793-1872) died in 1836 and is buried in the yard of Irene (Carlow) McKain on the Cooper Road.  Later John married Lucinda Bohannon.  Their place of burial is unknown.  The stones at Irene’s have been moved; old Foster Carlow remembers four stones.  One was for Elisha Perkins (1784-1847).


Other Reported Graves

On lot 105, near the road (Lincoln Flood Place).

On lot 37, in back of where Mel Hunnewell’s house stood.

On lot 101, maybe the peddler (Gooch Lot).

East of the potato house of what was Sprague lot.

Many people told of these family graves.  Pliney Frost gets the most credit for this series of articles.  Additions and/or corrections are welcome.