Calais Ball Diamond - 1950

 An interesting aerial photo of the Calais ball diamond taken about 1950. At the bottom right is Lafayette Street, the bottom left is Garfield Street where it intersects with the end of Calais Avenue. The upper end of Calais Avenue bisects the photo from lower left to upper right. The photo is interesting for what is not in it. The Armory, Legion, Little League diamond, etc have yet to be built. The motor pool for the Armory is in the photo as is the old grandstand, very dilapidated. Note the ball field did not have fence so a home run was just that, the player had to get from the plate to home before the ball. I do recall though that a ball hit over the Avenue into what is now the Legion parking lot was a “gimme”, no one contested the right of the hitter to trot around the bases. The building in the photo where the pool house is now located was a Quonset hut used by the City for equipment storage.