Calais Views from On High

A photo taken in the late fall from St. Anne's Steeple by Adrian DelMonaco gives us the opportunity to compare the downtown Calais and St. Stephen of today with that of long ago. In the modern shot, we can see the Wabanaki Cultural Center on the far left, with the Urban Moose a little more in the foreground. On the right is the city building and the back of the Schooner. In the other shot, which Al Churchill dates to around 1900, the view is a little different as it comes from the top of the Congregational Church. We can see the opera house with its cupola, and on the far left is the former City Building. Closer to the foreground on the left is Pike's Opera House. Toward the river on the left is the rear of the Schooner block at the time. (Photos courtesy of Adrian DelMonaco and the St. Croix Historical Society)