Governor Candidate Mike Thibodeau on Prison Closure

“The Governor’s decision to shut down the Downeast Correctional Facility (DECF) is economically devastating and short-sighted. 

In 2016, a promise was made to the people of Washington County by this administration when the legislature approved the Government Facilities Bond that mandated a correctional facility be open in Washington County. Today, I believe that promise, embodied in law, has been broken. 

We cannot pretend that this decision won't have a real and negative impact on the people of Washington County. DECF provides good-paying jobs to its workers, and many businesses in the area depend on the work release program to provide employees to keep their businesses running. By comparison per capita, this is like losing 600 jobs in Cumberland County overnight. No Mainer would want to see this happen in their community. 

Decisions of this magnitude and impact should not be made unilaterally, but rather after thoughtful consideration and consultation with the legislature, which has consistently supported keeping DECF open.”