Lincoln Memorial Library in Dennysville

Town News


On Friday, March 2nd, Movie Night will be held again at Dennysville’s Lincoln Memorial Library, following up on the beginning, two weeks ago, of the adventures of James Herriot, the new veterinarian in Siegried Farnon's practice in a small Yorkshire village. In the first two installments of All Creatures Great & Small, we met most of the primary characters in the series, and Friday this will continue with the third segment.  But it will be a “double billing” evening, the second half being one of the Miss Marple mysteries, written by the great Agatha Christie and televised some years ago on Mystery.  The group will decide what they wish to see next week, with the possibility of another “double billing.”

Last week, a sister and brother duo arrived at the library, quite delighted to find us open.  They’d been passing the library occasionally for 30 years and never seen it open!  (Clearly, we aren’t open enough, but … more volunteers are needed to accomplish that feat!)  These two delightful folks are now established in Lubec - Keith Hall now a permanent resident, and Cheryl Gerding the proud new owner of the cutest little pink house, living much of the year in southern New Hampshire!  Keith is interested in getting more involved in the area and hopes to make it to the Historical Society meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 27th because he thought the Show & Tell program sounded as though it would be very interesting and enjoyable.  We hope they’ll be back again soon and find many things they like at the library.  They already are fans of the Cafe on Rte. 1, soon to be renamed “Millie’s” under the new ownership of Millie’s grandson, Jay Preston.

Keep in mind that the library provides fax services, as well as computers to use, copying, printing, and, naturally, books, DVDs and various magazines, and genealogy sources.  The hours are Mondays 4 - 7 p.m.; & Tuesdays and Fridays 1:30 - 4 p.m.  Wifi is available from inside or outside the library 24/7.

Last, but not least, don’t forget to stop in for first Monday Tea at the library. Tea, treats, and talk, which is always so pleasant.