Town News

Linda Baniszeski 


March is upon us and hoping for some spring weather.  Having lived here full time for eleven years, it is not probable, but always possible.  I believe it was last April 1st that we had some snow.  A great April fool’s joke on us.  It pays to have a sense of humor and overall positive attitude if one is to live happily in Downeast Maine.  Every day is a gift.

Happy Birthday to Ike Winchester on March 5.    March 6, 1885 is the date of the founding of the US Merchant Marines.  During WWII these mariners were often in great peril as they transported military, medical and food supplies to our allies in Europe, under the gun of the Nazis.  

The unsettled weather in these parts has much of the wildlife that is not in hibernation moving all about.  A very healthy looking coyote with a beautiful coat was seen standing along Route 191 near the Hanson Farm, watching and waiting for traffic to pass.  Breezes from passing vehicles actually ruffled its coat while it proudly stood there.  Barry said he watched in his rear view mirror and saw the coyote look for traffic and then safely crossed the road.  Don’t think this was its first time doing that.  We saw a bear with cubs do the same thing on Charlotte Road many years ago, running across the road after we had passed by.   Smart critters intelligently acclimate to their surroundings.  

The red squirrels seem to multiply by the day.  We now have seen eight of them at our feeder, scurrying to and from their various hide-outs.  One lives under the deck in front of the house.  It darts through the lattice, which absolutely torments Scuffy.  Terry Reynold’s cat, Toby, would be having a picnic out here chasing them around the feeder and into the woods.  Toby is not outside much since Terry passed away.  Tammi and Danny look after him.  Dana and Patty Reynolds visit him.   He still has a good life, but shows that he misses Terry.   We all do.

Out on the lake, trucks, ATV’s and snowmobiles travel to and from ice fishing sites.  It still gives me the shivers thinking of driving across the ice in a heavy pick-up truck.  People have been doing it here for years, and they apparently know better than me.   

March 28 is the date of Meddybemps Annual Meeting at 6 p.m. (always the last Monday in March).  There will be another reminder here closer to the date, and a notice posted at the Community Center.

We are now in the Christian Church’s Lenten season in preparation for Easter early in April.  There will be a pre-Easter dinner at Second Baptist Church hosted by Billy and Arlene Gibson and friends.  Watch The Calais Advertiser for more information.  

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