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I am looking for folks to highlight in my column so if you or someone you know has an in-home business please feel free to contact me and we’ll do a little write up.  My contact information is at the end of this column.  Thank you to all that have supported me thus far.

It’s that time again.  Are you a graduating Crawford or Alexander High School senior this year?  Don’t forget to apply for the Alexander/Crawford Scholarship.  You can get applications from your Guidance Office or from Rhonda Oakes.  All applications need to be turned in by May 1st. 

Special congratulations to the Boys’ Woodland Dragon basketball team on a great season.  You did your school, town and communities proud.  

On Friday, Hans and Grazyna Kirsch of Alexander went to the Polar Bear Dip in Split Rock to help raise funds for Sarah’s House of Maine and the Ronald McDonald House of Bangor.  No, they did not dip but supported one of the dippers with their donation and by their presence.  Grazyna says “it’s a good cause and those people are really brave to do it. It was a great event, lots of dippers and supporters.”  The Nook and Cranny came and served delicious chili and rolls, there was coffee, hot chocolate and donuts from Dunkin Donuts and hot dogs with all the fixings for all.  Grazyna is hopeful that they raised a lot of money.  People can still donate online at www.

Alexander’s very own Carly Davis, daughter of Karen and Jim Davis, will be working in Vernal, Utah for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources as a fisheries technician this coming summer.  She’ll be working on high elevation cutthroat trout surveys for the summer.  This certainly sounds like an adventure and will look wonderful on her resume.  I look forward to updates from her!  Carly attends Unity College and is studying Wildlife Biology.

The Alexander Smith Family has had a siege of surgery recently.  Martin had surgery January 10th and his wife Wanda had her second knee replaced on February 26th.  Both are on the mend, awaiting spring.  Hopefully it will be quite a while before they have to visit any hospitals for surgery.

Charlie White stopped by John Dudley’s house with knowledge of the gore east of Map 97.  They had a good history talk and visit.  On Monday morning Foster Carlow and John met at the Fire Department training room to go over Sheet 8 that Foster had volunteered to do.  And on Monday afternoon Marie drove so John could get some GPS points.  These points are at road intersections to help the cartographer place our property map at the correct place on the earth’s surface.

On Friday morning Gerald Cooper brought his completed sheet #7 to the AVFD training room where John was studying the gore on the Crawford line.  David Davis came in with a couple questions on sheet #12 and then he used his laptop to help John on that gore.  David and John have measurements for the gore’s width ranging from 560 feet to 900 feet.  John would appreciate help on that.  Phone 454-7476 and thanks!

Upcoming birthday wishes go out to Rob Gaudet, Hazen Kinney, Tabitha Niles, Linda Rolfe, Azalea Crosby, Becky Perkins, Eleanor Fisk, Jamie Martin, BJ Wallace, Pat Foley, Joan Dodge, David Moraisey, April Webber, Dave Holst and Mallory Roderick.

Upcoming anniversary wishes go to Ron and Shirley Hill.  

Special thoughts are being sent out to Lynn Hill, Diane Quigley, Greg Holst, Dotty Johnson, Elwin Daley, Avis McIntyre, Ralph Flood, Fred Wallace, John Haley, Viola Dwelley and Carl Perkins. Please do not forget about those caretakers who so selflessly take care of their loved ones.

Lucky Loser this week at Randy’s Variety was Linda Wallace.  

This week was busy even though I had a goopy eye.  A quick trip to the doctor ruled out infection, so my week continued as normal with Special Olympic basketball skill drill prep, BINGO, card playing and yummy pizza burgers and fries.  I didn’t get to the tournament games but I certainly watched them on TV.  I saw lots of cheerleading pictures on Facebook and wish those had also been televised.

If you have any news you can email me at, message me on Facebook, or snail mail me at 1328 Airline Road, Alexander, ME  04694.  You can also call me at 454-2344 or drop off news at Randy’s Variety!  Until next time, stay safe.