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Sally Doten



Today I am sitting at the Second Baptist Church trying to compose a column on a strange keyboard and computer. Why? Well, my old faithful laptop is slightly “under the weather” with a broken screen. So I had to travel to Calais in order to write the Baring headlines. I wonder if I get travel expenses?

First of all, congratulations to the Woodland Dragons on a great game for the gold ball. You should be proud of your efforts! To lose a game by one point after being down by 15 is a huge accomplishment. I know your town and school are proud of you.

Kylie Pelletier, daughter of Mary, competed in the cheering competition in Bangor over the weekend. You looked great on the floor, Kylie, and did a great job.

Again, I am sending out get well wishes to Dotty Johnson. I miss her sense of humor when she writes her columns for this paper. Hoping that she is soon back on the job.

Ann Brackett and I enjoyed a beautiful ride to Lincoln on Monday. The weather was perfect even though the roads were rough. We enjoyed a brief shopping adventure at “Promises” while there. What a nice store that is with it’s many varieties of gifts and decorations.

On Friday evening, at exactly 7 o’clock, I took a mac and cheese out of the oven just as my granddaughter, Shannon Vachon, was walking through the door. She came down to spend an all too brief visit with Papa and me. She lives in Falmouth and works in Portland. She left early Sunday morning to drive to Augusta to help her mom, Carol, pack for a move to Florida.

Thinking of Stanley Clark as I write this column. He suffered another health setback over the weekend. Stan and I graduated together all those years ago. Come on, classmates, get a card out to him.

What a surprise today when I read on Facebook that Wendy Johnson had received payment for damages she received from a recent power surge. Many homeowners in town lost appliances and heat pumps. The Liberty Mutual Insurance Company that carries Eastern Maine Electric Coop came through. I was told, as were others, that the insurance would not cover the costs but guess they had a change of mind. So, if you had any damages from that power surge, get back on the phone to the insurance company. And please let me know how you made out. I haven’t had a chance to speak with Charlie McAlpin at the EMEC so I’m not sure why the change of mind. Hooray for Baring on this one!

The town meeting will be on March 15 at 6 p.m. at the Baring Baptist Church. Try to attend and support those that work for you.

Maybe by the time your read this column on Wednesday or Thursday, snow will be covering the ground again. The forecast today said to look for 6 to 12 inches of the white stuff. There goes an early spring.

Guess that is it for this week. Wish I had more to share. I am “begging” again that you call me with any information that I can use in this column.

Stay well; be safe. I will write to you again next week.