Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational Church

This past Monday, LentenSoup and Sermon was held at Eastport’s St. Joseph’s Catholic Church in the St. Katherine Room.  It was a somewhat smaller group than usual due to unavoidable absences, but the soups and bread were still delicious and the fellowship most satisfying.  Next week, Monday, March 12th at noon, Soup and Sermon will be held at “The Institute”  of Christ Church Episcopal Church in Eastport.  It was held there on a previous Monday, at which the folks of Christ Church provided both Soup & Sermon.  This time it will be hosted by three different congregations, pooling their smaller numbers to provide another varied array of food, preceded by another “sermon” - a meditation, a responsive reading, a hymn to sing or … you never know.  Always an enjoyable and inspiring surprise.

The Friday morning Lenten Bible Studies continue this Friday, March 9 in the Parish Hall at 10 a.m. using C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters (a senior devil advising a junior devil as to how to “take down” a Christian from his belief in God) to lead the group to the scriptural basis for the problems with which the book deals.  Very interesting as well as helpful for us all.

There is a similar Bible Study held Friday afternoons in the Perry Fellowship Room at 1:30 p.m.  Go both times and the discussions will surely be new, with different folks attending.

Kris Paprocki has recently been leading the choir while his singing voice recovers. This gives Colin a chance to be just a singer, without having to worry about directing the other three parts. Both are enjoying these new opportunities.