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Dave McCullough


Quoting a message from Gary Santerre:  “The condition of the ice by West Grand Lake Dam is bad.  Late yesterday a sled went through and the people are safe. Stay away from the Narrows down to the dam. Be safe not stupid.

I traveled the Bonny Brook Road several  times this past weekend and it appears to be holding up well. I always enjoy driving the road because without brush and leaves you can see how camps are situated and also the beautiful  view so many are able to enjoy!

We are getting ready to start collecting sap to be boiled into maple syrup. The night temperatures must be in the low 20’s and bright sun during the day contributes to a nice sap flow!

Downeast Lakes Land Trust would like to thank the Princeton Rod & Gun Club for all of their help at the Family Ice Fishing Day last Friday.  Everyone had a wonderful time on a beautiful day!

The town meeting was held on March 5, 2018. Here are a few highlights. The assessor positions are first  Elaine Brown, second Josh Kuester and third Rocky Williams. A motion to continue planning for land owned by the town was passed. A Recreation Committee has been formed. Two new members of the school committee are Brinda Leighton and Linda Bailey. The position of town assessor will continue to be a contract position. Grand Lake Stream is another example of local government being run by the people of the town.

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