Gun Found in Student’s Vehicle at WCCC

A Hi-Point 9mm was found in a student's vehicle on the Washington County Community College campus on Monday. Calais Police quickly determined there was no threat to the student body.

The Calais Police Department received a tip at 7:30 in the morning on March 5th that a gun was present in a student’s vehicle at Washington County Community College. Upon investigating, officers confirmed that a gun was present. After speaking with the student, it was determined there was no threat to the campus.

“The on-scene investigation quickly revealed that there was no imminent threat to any one or any school,” Chief David Randall shared.

Joe Cassidy, President of WCCC, stated that the presence of the gun was an oversight by the student. Per Cassidy, the college will not be pressing charges but will address the incident with the student according to the school’s policy. The Maine Community College System forbids the presence of firearms on campus.

The 18-year old student was arrested for possessing a firearm within 500 feet of a public school. While the state law does not apply to WCCC, it does apply to the nearby Calais High School and St. Croix Regional Technical Center. The student will appear in court on April 4th.