Letter to the Editor

I have been delighted to receive the subscription to the Advertiser. You are bringing vitality and energy to the life in Calais and environs. The issues that you report about are portrayed seriously and with depth i.e. closing obstetrical care units, drugs, recreation, and sports activity. 

The recovery of International Days co-operation was a community action effort that put a kind of “We Care Kind of Twist” to holding onto our unique character of Calais/St. Stephens--USA and Canada.

I am enclosing the contact information for Northeast Historic Film that is a repository for my family films of Calais from 1928-2000 and an outstanding film of Robinson, Maine. I thought maybe you might run these films during the International Days celebration.

Martha Unobskey 

Goldner, Nashville, TN

[Editor's note: We have been in contact with Al Churchill of the St. Croix Historical Society, which is presently working to acquire the Unobskey films with the goal of showing them publicly during the festival. According to Churchill, the collection of films is so large that it comprises 1 terabyte of data in digital form. More information will be shared when it is available.]