Peek Learning Consultants Offer Insights into Professional Development

By Lura Jackson


Life is filled with an abundance of decisions, some of which may be critically important to our professional success as individuals or as business owners. Being able to make the best decision depends on our ability to sort the variables involved and to anticipate the ramifications of what may happen. Whatever decisions or difficulties we may be facing, there is a new resource in the area to turn to for assistance: Peek Learning Consultants, run by Theresa and Chris Peek. 

The Peeks are relative newcomers to the area, having decided to split their efforts between their home and work in Texas and their Seaside Stones venture in Eastport. Chris is continuing his 30-year career as a teacher in Texas until June while Theresa handles the transition and operations of the rocks and mineral store. The relocation has given Theresa the perfect opportunity to focus on her consulting practice, which specializes in leadership development, employee development, team building, and coaching. 

Theresa has a long history of experience working in human resources and assisting both individuals and businesses achieve their goals. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Management and a MBA with a concentration in Organizational Development and is a certified professional coach. She worked for many years on the leadership team at a company in Houston until it made the decision to downsize in the latter part of 2017, freeing Theresa to come to Maine and pursue the couple’s goals.  

“I enjoy working with people moving into leadership or management roles as well as those early in their management career,” Theresa said. “As a small business owner, I like to work with small to mid-sized businesses.” She added that she specifically hopes to work with Washington County business owners and leaders because she believes her skillset will be helpful for their purposes. 

Chris is an educational consultant that specializes in working with teachers to enable them to better impart information to their students. He is the co-author of Mastering AP World History: A Skills Guide for Teachers (and Students), a well-received guide that has earned consistent recommendations from teachers online. At present, Chris is not accepting new clients, but when he relocates he will be available to offer his expertise as a teacher of educators.

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