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Cassie Oakes


AES believes that children should get outside for a short time at least once a day.  They need the fresh air and different play activities.  AES will not send students out in wet weather or if the temperature is too cold or if windy. Most days, however, students can and should go out.  Please make sure that your child wears proper clothing to be outside.

Please remember that the front of the building is designated for bus loading and unloading only.  Please use the parking lot to the left as you enter the AES school grounds.

Please mark your calendars for some basketball games. On March 16th Alexander will be hosting Lubec in the Panther Palace.  The makeup game will be on Tuesday, March 20th with Eastport Girls only.   March 19th will be an away game with Alexander playing in Edmunds.  

AES Student Council continues to collect pennies for the Homeless Shelter in Calais.  Pennies may be dropped off at the AES during school hours or at Randy’s Variety.  AES also collects Box Tops for Education and empty ink cartridges for recycling.