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Sally Doten



I don’t gamble but I bet when you read this there will be another 12 inches of snow on the ground. You just gotta’ love March. 

Congratulations to Nathan Guire. He came in second at the Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby. Fantastic job, Nathan. 

Wandering Wanda, Judy Antoniello, and I all went for an extended tour of the Robbinston Ridge Road on Saturday. Poor Judy thought we had traveled to the end of the world. She could not believe that people really “lived way out there” and why would they want to. It was a fun adventure which began at Tim Horton’s. So many laughs when you travel with these two ladies.

Oliva Smith, daughter of Greg and Justis, is in Arizona playing softball for Husson University. What a terrific opportunity to see the world. Liv is a very talented softball player. 

Eileen Lewis is still recovering from hip surgery. Hope you’re feeling better and out and about soon.

Basketball season is over, but I must tell you about two Calais Blue Devil players from Baring. Matt Perkins and Jacob Hornbrook were selected to play in the PVC (Penobscot Valley Conference) All-Star game. In addition, Matt received special mention and was presented with a plague. These two boys had a tremendous senior year on the court. Congrats to both.

And not to be forgotten is Nicole Perkins. She was recently accepted in the EMCC Medical Radiography program. Nicole received her degree from Husson University in Health Science. Good luck, Nicole, on your next endeavor. 

Glad to report that Freddie Wallace is finally home from the hospital. Behave, Freddie, and stay well.

Have you visited the new Dollar General just across the town line? I made my second visit today and found some good bargains. Now I have to learn how to use their coupon app on my phone. I am not really “smart phone” savvy. 

So, what else is new in the neighborhood? I’m not sure because YOU fail to call me. Now I’ve told you I work for 30 cents the column inch. I submitted my columns for the past 3 months and my check was $40 give or take a penny or two. It’s a hard way to make a living, so come on and help me here. I might have to ask the town for assistance if I don’t get some help here. Gee, I hope that doesn’t put our taxes up.

Okay, this is it for another week. Call me, email, visit, or whatever; just get some news to me. 

Stay well; travel safe. Beware of all the snow outside our windows.