Dennysville-Edmunds Congregational Church

It’s been nice to be back to the sanctuary this month, and so now we are working our way toward Palm Sunday and then to Easter, the crown of the church’s year.  The choir is busily working on their Easter music, including some additional voices who aren’t able to sing with us on a regular weekly basis, but do for this special occasion.  The choir will be traveling on Easter to three churches in the space of 5 hours!

Also, at the church, on Friday, March 16th at 1:30 p.m. in the Parish Hall, the Perry and Dennysville Bible Study members will be joining together in Dennysville to continue our exploration of how the senior is advising a junior devil into “encouraging" a new Christian into doubts and confusions about his faith.  C.S. Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters” are “answered” by reading scriptures dealing with the issues involved.  Always very interesting, and helpful, too.

The next day, Saturday, March 17, back at the Parish Hall will be held the annual New England Boiled Dinner (or is it Irish Boiled Dinner, since it will be on St. Patrick’s Day?  Always popular meal with fills everyone up most successfully.

A number of church members attended this past Monday’s Soup & Sermon that used the Southwell Liturgy for the “sermon” and the three soups were Tomato with Sweet Green Pepper, Hamburger Soup with Pasta and Veggies, and a vegetable soup that also featured Bison Meat.  All were delicious, with many second helpings asked for, plus a wide variety of rolls and breads in the baskets.

Next week, on Monday 19th at noon Soup and Sermon will be held at Blakey Memorial Church in Eastport.  The final meeting for Soup & Sermon will be held at the Pembroke United Methodist Church on Monday, March 26th.