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Linda Baniszeski 


Greetings from the sick house in Meddybemps.  Barry and I both have upper respiratory infections that are stealing our sleep from coughing, our appetites, and the will to do very little other than rest.  We are hoping it passes quickly  At least we are sick with this together, so one of us won’t pass it on to the other at a different time.  Scuffy is healthy though, and seems to wonder why we are such lazy bones.

Happy Birthday to Kenny Gibson on March 15.  Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone.  Whether we’re Irish or not, it has caught on for everyone to be Irish on March 17.

The snow keeps coming.  Another several inches are again forecast for this week, on top of the foot we just had last week.  At times like these SUVs, trucks and tractors with plows are the best vehicles to own.  

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