Three-Nation Leadership Initiative Announced

A new leadership program, focused on developing new leaders and updating present leaders in the communities of Washington County, the three tribal communities at Pleasant Point, Indian Township and St. Andrews, and the communities of Charlotte County has been announced by well-known leadership teacher and facilitator, Linda Cross Godfrey, of Eastport. Known for her creative teaching style, engagement of other area leaders in presentations, and offering place-based and nature- based education, these programs will

be offered in six area communities on both sides of the border between April and mid-June.

An information session that is free and open to persons interested in learning more will be held on Tuesday, March 20th at 5:30 p.m. ET, 6:30 p.m. at the Eastport Arts Center, 36 Washington Street in Eastport.

Graduates of the Washington County Leadership class are invited to enroll for leadership updates, new information and to make new connections to others who are leading, or eager to lead, in our area.  Men and women – young aspiring leaders, present leaders wanting to update their skills, newcomers to the area and retired residents – are all welcome.

To learn specifics about this new program, see and access the Three-Nation Leadership Initiative. “This is the perfect time to keep leadership in our area expanding, connecting, developing positive connections, and creating new alliances,” said Godfrey. “This new Initiative, which brings together people from our unique three-nation area is the perfect way to advance all of the good work being done presently, and address the challenges we face and can address together."