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Sally Doten



Back again for more highlights about life in Baring. Not much happening but I will try to invent something to share.

Did everyone in the area watch the UMO game against Texas on Saturday evening. I did!!! The ladies did not do well but it was exciting to see a Calais Blue Devil, Maddy McVicar, get some playing time at the “big dance.” Maddy had four minutes of playing time as the game neared the end. And being the quick player she learned to be, Maddie scored 5 points. I and everyone who watched were very proud of this local lady. Way to go, Maddy!!!

Get well wishes are being sent out to Pat Noddin. She is back home after spending a few days in the hospital. Spring is coming, Pat, be well.

Jeff & Stacey Doten are enjoying a vacation in Italy as I write this. They have toured so many places that most of us only learn about from our history books. Jeff has always been a history buff and I know he is taking in every step and scene. Stac has been sharing pictures with us. What a fantastic opportunity for these two. Wishing safe journeys to you. I bet the food is delicious.

Our daughter Beth is enjoying 88-degree weather while in Port Charlotte, Florida. She and Kevin decided that 2 weeks in the south was a good idea. The snow was “getting to them.”

Visiting with us today through Wednesday is the baby of the family, Carol. Carol dislikes winter as much as Beth so not to be outdone, she and Peter are moving to Port Meyers permanently. This week will be our last visit for a while. They came to say good-bye to family and friends. As they drive to the south, Beth will be overhead flying home. 

So now you know what my kids are doing. And here I sit wondering what happened to me. So glad I don’t mind winter or snow although I will be glad to put my sandals on again.

So friends, this is all I know. I am happy to share my knowledge with you.