Baring Town Meeting

Sally Doten

Seventeen residents turned out for the meeting on March 15. The meeting was short, but much was accomplished. Chris Drew was the moderator for the evening.

Selectmen Mark Hornbrook, Ray Faulkner, and Tina Erskine were voted back into office for another year. Gertrude Damon will serve on the school board for a 3-year term. The town clerk and health officer is Mary McLellan. I was again asked to serve as the cemetery overseer. This will be my last year in this position. Candy Bridges volunteered to work with me this summer to learn the ropes and will take it over next year. Thank you, Candy.

Julie Jordan, Director of Downeast Economic Development, spoke to those present about access to Fiber Optic Broadband which will be available to Calais and Baileyville in the very near future. Because lines can be run through Baring this is a perfect opportunity for this community to join in. After more details are gathered, this will be discussed at a meeting in May.

School Board Chairperson, Erin Guire, reported that the board has saved money this year by having Crawford pick up our Calais students. Finances will be tight for the coming year because of the increase of students living in town. If there is a short fall of funding, a special meeting will be called. We educate approximately 32 students throughout the year. 

The next town meeting will, hopefully, be held in May at the old fire department building. Thank you to Pastor Bobby Oliver and the Baring Baptist Church for allowing us to use the basement for our meetings.