Go Further With Food

CRH Dietitian Mona Van Wart encourages you to “Go Further with Food.” (Submitted photo)

By Mona Van Wart, RDN


March is National Nutrition Month®.  The message in 2018 from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is “Go Further with Food”.  The Make Healthy Happen – One Meal at a Time event that took place in January 2018 and was sponsored by Calais IGA and Calais Regional Hospital is one way to “Go Further with Food” by making at least one Healthy Meal weekly.  Another way to “Go Further with Food” is to use “My Plate” as a guide to building a healthy eating style.  This includes having half of your plate be a rainbow of colors of fruits and vegetables, having at least one half of your grains as whole gains, choosing low fat or fat free dairy products, and varying protein foods with fish, lean meats skinless poultry, unsalted nuts and seeds, and a variety of beans and other legumes.  Choose foods lower in sodium, saturated fat, and added sugar, and drink water instead of sugar laden drinks.  

Other ways to “Go Further with Food” is to prepare and store food safely which not only reduces chance of Food Borne Illness but reduces waste.  “Go Further with Food” by planning ahead before you shop, and no shopping when you are starving.  “Go Further with Food” by getting down to the basics of Food prep.  And try to limit convenience and fast foods.  “Go Further with Food” by preparing food in crock pot and preparing meals in advance.  I do a majority of cooking on the weekends.  I then portion them in one meal servings and freeze them.  During the week I have them for my lunches or dinners.  Another way to “Go Further with Food” is growing your own.  Even if you do not have a garden space, a few container gardens can give you tomatoes, herbs and whatever else you might like.  Follow my progress as I attempt this on the CRH website at www.calaishospital.org/HealthyEating and on the CRH Facebook page.   Give it a try yourself and share your results too!

For more information contact Mona Van Wart RDN at Calais Regional Hospital at 454-3906 or email mona@calaishospital.org.

Mona Van Wart, RD is a Registered Dietitian at Calais Regional Hospital.   She provides consultations to inpatients and out patients.