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Dave McCullough


This past weekend on Long Lake in Northern Maine there was the annual ice carousel contest. Ice Carousel? Yes, an ice carousel! This adventure was new to me for fun on the ice during mid-winter. Visualize that a 100’ circle is marked out on the ice in a very precise manner and then followed up with a chain saw cutting carefully along the prescribed circle line. A hole is cut in the ice inside circle and a long shaft outboard motor is placed in the hole, started and the inside circle starts to turn so you have an ice carousel. Quite a unique idea for winter fun. In some of the examples on u-tube you can see trucks drive onto the carousel, BBQs are held and a fun time is had by all!  If you would like to see this event in Maine just type in “Ice Carousel 2016 Long Lake Derby.”  The ice was so thick on Long Lake this year that cutting through the ice became a problem and the carousel was not able to be completed. Could this be done on West Grand Lake??

Speaking of ice in West Grand, here are a few statistics. The earliest ice out recorded was on April 2, 2006 and the latest ice out was recorded on May 17, 1888. One hundred years ago the ice was out on May 1st in 1918. In the year 2016 the ice out matched the earliest record of April 2nd. What is your guess for ice out in 2018?

On Thursday, March 29th, Downeast Lakes Land Trust welcomes Valerie Lawson and Michael Brown as they present “3 Nations Anthology.”  This book is a collection of poems, short stories, and essays from local writers, including Passamaquoddy and Canadian authors, who have special connections to the Downeast region.  The program will start at 6 p.m. in the Grand Lake Stream School Building.  For more information, please contact DLLT at (207) 796-2100.

Things are winding down for the contest, however, the last few days it doesn’t seem that winter is winding down.  The returning cold weather is a great time to get after the coyotes and this should be taken advantage of.  Hopefully there will be some last-minute success in the next twelve days to put us over 100 again this year. It will be tough but hopefully we will succeed!  

Here is the latest data on the coyote contest: Smith’s General Store has registered a total of 29, 12 males and 17 females; Partridge Farms has registered a total of 14, 4 males and 10 females; Pine Tree Store has registered 16 and 12 are males and 4 were females; Whitney’s has registered a total of 12 of which 7 were males and 5 were females. The largest male at 45.15 pounds was harvested by Earl Smith and the largest female by Jim Bollinger at 37.60 pounds. Based on the total purse of $3,090 each coyote has a value of $35.07.

Are you ready for this? We have great news from the Downeast Lakes Land Trust! They will again be hold the 5k foot race on July 4th in the morning as well as tubing on the stream at 1:30 in the afternoon. If you want to practice tubing now, make sure to wear your warm suit!  BRRRRR!

When talking with a friend recently the discussion turned to working out. Here is what we shared. 

“Mid-March and the third nor’easter this month is slamming Maine extending the season for skiers, snowmobilers and plow-truck drivers.  I’m settled in my old recliner writing project plans for my five months hiatus at Farm Cove.  I also plan to implement a new branch of medical science which is gaining favor with health care providers.  It is termed Eco-Therapy.  The prefix eco is from the word ecology which is the study of how living things relate to their environment.   Eco-Therapy can be summed up in two words:  Go Outside!  It provides a no-cost, low impact activity that helps you maintain both mental and physical health.”


Today a growing segment of the general public is involved with “working out”.  The choices are running, the purchase of expensive strange machines and equipment or a Health Club Membership.  You are urged to operate these devices to the point of exhaustion.  Not me – I practice Eco-therapy.  No cost equipment with the basic principles of walking and observation. You just look for and listen to birds, study trees and plant life and observe and listen to the sounds of lakes and streams.  Seasonal limitations you say?  True enough but walking opportunities are unlimited.  Remember malls and big box stores are always in season.  Daily walkers are key to the program.  What better place to practice eco-therapy than Grand Lake Stream and the surrounding territories. Always remember the best things in life are free!!”

This weekend is Maine’s Maple Sugar Sunday. Get out and enjoy the sweet taste of Maine!

Your humble correspondent, Dave McCullough, 207-712-8294 or