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Linda Baniszeski 


Winter continues to hang on here in Meddybemps.  We are finally having some hope of recovering from the flu Barry and I had.  We both finally got some medication and are on the mend.  Here’s hoping everyone else is well and not bitten by the same flu bug that got us.  Must have been a different strain from the flu shot I got to prevent it -- because it didn’t. 

Due to continuing snow storms, Marc Reynolds arrived on Thursday to check on his camp.  He was concerned with more snow yet to come, his roof might not hold up.  He came prepared with snow shoes, got to his camp, got it all warmed up with a good wood fire and stayed overnight. He shoveled off the roof.  Now his camp is ready for yet another storm scheduled to arrive soon.

We now have 31 inches of snow here at our property.  More is scheduled to come, or so we are told.  This March came in with a vengeance (like a lion), and seems here to stay longer than we’d like.  We will really appreciate Spring when it finally arrives.  Our Scuffy is terribly frustrated with all the high piles of snow.  She can’t get to her usual potty places in the woods.  It is very maddening for her as she scampers around on the hard frozen snow surfaces with no where to go.  She eventually settles on new places due to necessity, but is not a happy little camper by any means.  

Happy birthday wishes to Chick McCoubrey on March 23.

Second Baptist Church in Calais, is holding its pre-Easter Dinner on March 24 from 3 to 6 p.m.  This is hosted by Billy and Arlene Gibson.  All are welcome. 

Don’t miss the Meddybemps Annual Meeting, Monday March 26 at 6 p.m. in the Community Center.