Help a Teenager, Help Yourself

Do you know someone who could  use a hand with simple home repairs, but is unable to make ends meet?  A large contingent of well-supervised young people, coordinated by All Souls Congregational Church in Bangor, is looking for ways to help during the third full week of June.  Repairing steps, installing railings and handicapped access, winterization, fixing leaky rooves, walls and windows, are all a part of the mission of ASSIST-JC, All Souls Students in Service to Jesus Christ.  In preparation for this summer’s mission, prospective homeowners are asked to submit a copy of the application found either at City Hall or Eastport Labor of Love at 137 on County Road.  

This mission project is jointly sponsored by the Greater Eastport Ecumenical Churches Association.  If you would like to  help, or learn more, please contact  The community’s participation in this good work enables these enthusiastic young people to make a difference.  By helping a teenager, you will be helping yourself and others in the Greater Eastport area.