WaCo Sheriff’s Office Warns of Facebook Messenger Scam

From the Washington County Sheriff's Office: 


We have received complaints of a new scam where scammers are using Facebook messenger to steal your money.

These thieves are disguising themselves as an actual friend from your friends list. They are sending a private message encouraging you to sign up for a $120,000 grant program through the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agency (FPWA). The FPWA is a legitimate organization and not part of this scam. The scammers ask that you complete a grant application and eventually request that you send $3,000. In return, they will send you back a $120,000 grant which you will not need to repay.

Sounds like a fantastic opportunity or as we might say, “a no brainer”. This is a scam! You will not receive any money.

As always, be extremely cautious before providing any personal information or sending money to anyone.

The best motto is, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!”