Baileyville Town Council Discusses School Repairs

By Kaileigh Deacon


On Monday, March 26 the Baileyville Town Council held their regular meeting. There were several representatives from the School Board, Building Committee and schools on hand to present to the council their list of proposed repairs to the elementary and high school buildings. The Building Committee, which has been meeting since the proposal for a new K-12 building was voted down by the town last summer, put together a list of repairs they felt were priorities.

The council heard the presentation outlining repairs such as new roofs for both buildings, repairs to the heating systems, windows and siding, as well as building a new cafeteria and kitchen for the high school. The addition of the cafeteria and kitchen to the high school would help serve better, hotter meals to students at both buildings as well as reducing the wear and tear of setting up tables everyday on the gym floor. 

“The biggest issue is we need to maintain,” said Superintendent William Braun. “That’s been the problem. Maintenance has been set aside for years and years and years. And when you’ve got that kind of investment in these two buildings that just can’t happen; that’s not an allowable process. It needs to be updated, it needs to be fixed and it needs to be corrected, and every year maintenance needs to be done at some level.”

The proposed repairs to the schools will cost an estimated $5.2 million but is expected to be done in phases similar to how the current sewer project is being completed. The council approved sending the bond to the ballot in the upcoming town meeting in June. The funding would be through the bond bank. They will also look into creating more maintenance funds in the budget when possible going forward.

“I would really like to see us work together on where this is going to put our mil rate,” said Councilor Tim Call. “I obviously support doing something to these schools.”

The town council also reviewed the proposed business plans to fill the space vacated by Machias Savings Bank at the end of March. The council would review the proposals and then forward their recommendation to Machias Savings Bank who would work with the business to fill the space. Only one proposal was received by the council which was for a flower shop submitted by Acacia Emery. The outline of the plan would be to set up a flower shop in the vacated Machias Savings Bank spot in the Shopping Center on Route 1. The council awarded their approval to move forward to Acacia Emery who will work with Machias Savings Bank on the possible next steps. 

Town Manger Chris Laughlin gave the council an update where things where headed with the broadband utility. He stated that Pioneer would be going out and doing a ride around. They will be doing attachments to 22 utility poles between Calais and Baileyville to do a test. They are also getting ready to start public relations for the utility by getting more information out to the public and potential customers about what the fiber utility will mean for them. 

The next town council meeting will be held on April 9 at 5:30 p.m.