Jo’s Diner Donates to Support Cancer Navigators

Celebrating a donation from Jo's Diner to help support those challenged by cancer are (left to right) Healthy Acadia Cancer Navigator Marianne Moore, and Robin Crowe, Tim Crowe, and Joe Ferreira of Jo's Diner. The eatery donated $200 from its sales of vegetable and Sandee's pizza during the final quarter of last year. A similar arrangement is now underway with portions of sales from the two pizzas going toward Healthy Acadia's 2018 Hungry for Health initiative. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson


Contending with a diagnosis of cancer and the ensuing treatments can be one of the most stressful and difficult experiences that we undergo, particularly for individuals lacking in support. In Washington County, the experience is far from a rare one, with the county frequently ranked as having the highest rates of various cancers. Such was the reason that Healthy Acadia arranged to host two cancer navigators to serve the county beginning in 2017. The navigators successfully helped numerous Washington County residents last year. In recognition of their important work, Jo’s Diner agreed to donate a portion of their sales from their healthier offerings during the last two months of 2017.

The resulting $200 donation went to Healthy Acadia’s Hungry for Health initiative, which for 2017 was specifically focused on raising funds for the cancer navigators to continue supporting those challenged by cancer. Last year, 91 clients were assisted, shares cancer navigator Marianne Moore. She said that each client has their own unique situation and challenges, such as not having a vehicle or being unable to read. 

“We really appreciate all that you do for the community,” Moore said to Tim Crowe of Jo’s Diner as she presented him with a certificate of thanks from Healthy Acadia. 

“Every chance we have to give back, I take it, because it always pays back,” Crowe said. “This was a visible way to give back to the community and to highlight our healthy food.”

During the fundraising period last year, $1 from every vegetable and Sandee’s pizza sold was set aside for the donation. Moore said that she was a fan of Sandee’s pizza in particular, noting that when requested on a thin crispy crust it had a value of 11 points in the Weight Watchers system. Sandee’s pizza is served with spinach, feta, broccoli, green pepper, mushrooms, black olives, tomato, and onions. 

 While the 2017 fundraising push for Hungry for Health has concluded, the 2018 fundraising is already underway. The theme of this year’s initiative has not yet been formally announced, but Crowe has already signed on board to help. As such, all diners that come in to purchase a Sandee’s or vegetable pizza for the next few months will be supporting the health of their local community in some way. 

For more information about Hungry for Health or to find support for cancer, contact Marianne Moore at or at 454-0501.