Did you know Bruce Poliquin’s net financial worth is $12,183,007?   Do you know Poliquin ranks 17th in wealth among U.S. House of Representatives? Did you know Poliquin voted to repeal the Affordable Care Act 6 months ago, threatening the health care of 100,000 residents of Maine?  Poliquin also voted for the House version of the GOP tax bill. Did you know this tax bill included $25,000,000,000 cuts to Medicare annually? This would have impacted greater than 300,000 Maine seniors.

Poliquin’s representation of Maine exists to serve himself.  He voted for permanent tax cuts for himself and a future increase in the U.S. budget deficit.  Poliquin will then have a “better” excuse to further cut Medicare and Social Security.  Poliquin does not represent the people of Maine’s District 2, he only serves himself.

Claire Welch