Patriotic Americans to Hold Nationwide Rally at State Capitols

Patriotic American citizens will rally on the Capitol in Augusta on April 14 at 2 p.m. This is part of a nationwide effort by the NCCPA (National Constitutional Coalition of Patriotic Americans) to peacefully unite supporters of the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment. Those attending the event also support a wide range of patriotic American values, some of which include our faith, our president, our law enforcement, our veterans and armed service members, commonsense solutions to gun violence and government accountability. 

 Support of the Constitution and specifically the 2nd Amendment are generally a common ideal across these values and it is what has drawn in those indicating they are attending.

 Independent Libertarian Chris Lyons will speak followed by US Senate Candidate, State Senator Eric Brakey.

 “It’s time to stop the hate of those exercising their rights and come together as Americans to explore other solutions that do not infringe upon those rights,” wrote event spokesman Dave Gulya in a release. “Americans do not need to actively exercise their rights to show unity and support for them. This is why the State Capitol has been chosen as our rally point.”

 Event Organizer Tracilee Sullivan took on the role “to unite patriots across the nation and rally them to support and defend our Constitution as it was written and intended.”

 “Gun owners have been portrayed in a negative way and it is our hope that this peaceable rally will show that we are safe, law abiding individuals that happen to take our constitutional rights very seriously,” Gulya stated.