Calais Free Library’s Spring Soup & Poetry

The time has rolled around again as spring, we hope, is springing, for the next Soup and Poetry evening at the Calais Free Library.  This Friday, April 20th at 6 p.m., will begin with much enjoyment of the delicious soups, breads, cookies, and beverages  - coffee, cider, and water.  Many folks look forward to trying some of each different offering.  Of course, there’s always much enjoyable chatting around the tables that are set up.

Following the “supping,” the poetry part proceeds.  Listeners and readers alike are most welcome, of course.  Some of the readers are “real” poets; some are amateurs that just enjoy writing down an occasional inspiration; while others are reading what others have written that particularly appeals to them.  It being spring, there will likely be acknowledgement of our spring hopes, thoughts, and memories.  There are always some that are serious, some that are entertaining, even hilarious, and sometimes a few that are sad and many thoughtful.  Occasionally, poems have been read that were written that very evening, while others are out of our pasts.  It’s never the same and never boring, as some people seem to feel poetry must be.  

The evening is sponsored by the Friends of the Calais Free Library - new members always welcome, as are contributions for the library.  The group raises funds primarily through the sale of second-hand books that have been donated to the library for that purpose or that the library can no longer use on their shelves.  Sally Moir, the group’s president as well as an assistant librarian (which is so handy), is the main worker who tends the over-flowing shelves and tables of books that are housed on the bottom level of the library, down the stairs behind the main desk.  The prices are low, but the quality and variety are wonderful! The books are paid for at the desk, where funds are kept in a separate spot for the Friends’ bank account.  In turn, the Friends group votes periodically to disperse funds to the library for specific purposes that can’t be covered by the regular budget of the library.  Be sure to check it out and become one of those who help Sally to keep this wonderful source of books available to the all book lovers!  Just ask at the desk how you can help, or learn more about it when you come to Soup & Poetry!

If there are any poetry and/or library loving folks out there who would like to cook up a pot of soup, bake some sort of bread or some cookies, it would be most welcome.  Any new help would be much appreciated.  Contact Ann Carter at or 454-7823.