Letter to the Editor - free teaching materials to give away

I am hoping that some teacher or day care person in the area might be interested in free teaching materials.  These were used in my various teaching classes and programs for many years.  I have some expensive and beautiful animal puppets.  I have various materials for teaching about whales and marine animals. I have the complete set of the Nature Scope series which provide elementary and secondary lessons for such topics as astronomy, crafts, the rain forest, the desert, wetlands, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, geology, etc.  I have given away already many things to an organization in Massachusetts because I did not receive a response to my last offer.  Since I now live in Maine, I would rather give them away here.  It is very hard for me to give up these things because I loved teaching.  But I am retired and time is passing.  It is better for my cherished materials to be used by someone instead of packed away or just lying around.  If interested, leave a message either at my email address of mrsnoah220@pioneerwireless.net or my phone number 454-2583.

Karen Holmes