Storytelling Group Meets at Calais Free Library

By Natalie Boomer


Once a month, a storytelling group meets at the Calais Free Library. The group meets in the Maine Genealogy and Archiving room from 10-11:30 a.m. and is led by Sally Moir.

 Although these events are open to the public, some members of historical societies come in to share their stories. This past Saturday was their fourth monthly meeting, and the group hears new stories every time. “What this group does is, different people come in from different towns and they tell stories, true stories. These stories can be of anyone or anywhere or anything,” said Moir.

 There are various stories told each meeting and each is unique and interesting. “One lady told a story of her and brothers in Freeport, Maine. When she was a child, she was like ten, they had gone in the woods to play and they found a dead body,” mentioned Moir. The speakers also discuss the history of the area and some speakers even bring in newspaper clippings or photos of their story to show to the others. 

One of the stories told on Saturday was taken straight out of an old newspaper. It was about a man who was found dead in his hotel room in St. Stephen, New Brunswick, with a suicide note that read, “I have hid my head where you will never find it.” Even though his head was gone it was still declared a suicide. Even if you don’t have a story to tell you are still welcome to come in and listen.

 Dates for upcoming meetings of the Storytellers Group can be found in the Community Calendar or on the Calais Free Library Facebook page.