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Sally Doten



This week I am changing my writing time. It’s Sunday afternoon and I am cuddled under my blanket with laptop in hand. Look at your calendar; does it say April? Mine does, too, but the thermometer says 32 degrees at 2 p.m. I keep thinking my pansies will peek through the ground but nothing yet. Who can blame them with these temperatures?

On Saturday, I and over 100 others, attended the funeral service for our dear Dotty Johnson. I was pleased to see old friends and relatives I had made through her. I still wait for her evening phone calls, having her correct my grammar for this column, and her general interest in all that was happening in Washington County. I look for her “Out and About” and “A Story and a Recipe.” These will always be with me. Memories of Dotty will never fade. Rest in peace, my dear friend.

I would like to remind you that there will be a benefit spaghetti supper and Chinese raffle for Ralph Flood at the Alexander Elementary School on Saturday, April 21 from 4-7. Ralph is currently a resident at Marshall Manor in Machias. Please try to attend.

A special get well wish goes out to Georgia Harriman who fell and broke her nose last week. She had surgery on Friday to align the bones and ligaments. 

Well, of all things, guess who won four tickets to the Sea Dogs in Portland? You’re right, yours truly. I have had many requests for me to give them away as gifts. I think I will surprise everyone and go myself. I suppose I could ask for a chaperone. Thank you, Calais 8th graders for the calendar drawings.

Congratulations to all those honor roll students from Calais. I noticed three Doten names on there: Deanne, Emily, and Alexis. So proud of each of them. And Kylee Pelletier took part in the cheering competitions in Bangor recently. Some nice pictures of her in the paper. If you have kids, please let me know. I love to put the names of our young people in the column. 

Paul & Marye Moreshead (my baby brother) were in town for the weekend visiting son Sean and me. They live in Casco and try to come down a couple of times a year. It’s good to have them drop in and talk “family.”

Sending out get well wishes to Kenny Murphy, a patient at EMMC in Bangor. Kenny suffered a stroke over a week ago. He is battling to get back on his feet. Please keep him in your prayers. 

Susan Mcray has been under the weather this week with a bad cold. I know because her daughter told me so. Feel better, Susan.

On Thursday I was in Lincoln with Ann Brackett and Wanda Brown. It was a fun trip with Ann being the chauffer. We decided to have an ice cream before we headed home and a clerk in Marden’s told us to go to Tim Horton’s. They had ice cream in every shape and form. We each had a large “something” in a waffle bowl. The ice cream and fixings were delicious but way too much to eat in one sitting.  I wonder if I can convince Bobby Cousins to put this delight into the Calais location. It would certainly be a draw to ice cream lovers. 

This is all I can think of for this week. Keep me posted on your activities. Stay well; be safe.

Thought for the week: “To make your dream come true, you have to stay awake.”