Letter to the Editor - A Hypocrite on the Balanced Budget

Bruce Poliquin’s web site says he is urging his colleagues in Congress to vote for a constitutional amendment requiring a Federal Balanced Budget.  He points out this is an amendment which he himself signed as a cosponsor during his first week in Congress in 2015.  He states this is a necessary amendment to “… ensure a financially sustainable future for our Nation.”

 If Poliquin is so concerned now about a balanced budget, and was so concerned in Oct. 2015,  I wonder why he voted in November 2107 for tax cuts for the richest of the rich --  tax cuts that unbalanced the budget by $1.5 Trillion. 

 My guess as to why he voted to explode the deficit is that he wanted to (or needed to) give his rich donors enormous tax breaks.  Although the tax bill also gives middle class people a modest tax break, which is definitely appreciated, unfortunately these modest breaks are being more than eaten up by much higher health insurance premiums which companies are now charging average Americans.

 Interestingly, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan told Americans on Dec. 6, 2017 not to worry about the deficit created by the Tax bill.  Ryan explained that Congressional Republicans had already decided they would aim in 2018 to reduce this deficit by reducing spending on federal health care.   

 It looks like neither Ryan nor Poliquin care if many thousands of Mainers lose their health care.   But then, why would they care?   They both have access to the best Health Insurance plan in the country --  paid for with tax payer dollars.

 My guess is that Poliquin won’t be cosponsoring any bills to cut Congress’s health insurance plan to balance the budget.  Although, if he really cared about being fair to average citizens, that is exactly what he would do.    

If Poliquin keeps his present trajectory of making health care less and less available to Mainers, by cutting away more parts of it, or allowing the premiums to continue to skyrocket, I am looking forward to November, so I can vote for someone who really does care about average Mainers.   

Sharon Dean