North End Pizza Brings Boston Flavor to Calais

Bringing a handmade Papa Pep out of the oven - complete with authentic Italian sauce - is John Bromley, one of the cooks based at the now-open North End Pizza in Calais. (Photo by Lura Jackson)

By Lura Jackson


If you’re interested in tasting what an authentic Boston-style pizza tastes like, you’re in luck: A new pizza takeout and delivery restaurant has just opened in Calais. The restaurant, owned and operated by a combination of two area-based families, offers a selection of regular and specialty pizzas – all of which are served with a carefully crafted sauce.

“It’s all about the sauce,” said John Bromley, who works in the kitchen along with Brandon Tibbetts. “It took us two to three weeks to get the right combination of flavors.” Brandon has previous experience working in a pizzeria in southern Maine while Bromley has extensive experience working in professional kitchens.

Bromley shared that he and co-owner Mike Kelly had a goal of recreating the taste of pizza from the North End of Boston where they grew up. The result is an authentic Italian-spiced sauce. “We wanted to offer real ingredients and flavor at a comparable price,” Bromley said.

At present, diners can choose from the Cheese Dream, which offers a blend of four cheeses, the Papa Pep, a traditional pepperoni offering, the Garden, being a vegetable pizza, the self-explanatory BackBay Bacon, the Sicilian, a classic mozzarella-themed pizza, the Flyin’ Hawaiian with its famed sweet and savory blend, and the Godfather, which is for meat lovers only. 

After agreeing to sample a Cheese Dream pizza, four diners unanimously praised the sauce. Several commented on the cornmeal added as a finisher to the crust, which reportedly adds a favorable texture. The blend of cheeses was agreed to be spot-on.

The new pizzeria is located at 38 North Street in one of the oldest homes in Calais. The owners are working on restoring the home to its original condition, but it remains a work in progress. As such, the entry to the building is located around the back. Diners can choose to take out their pizza or to have it delivered for a small additional fee.

To place an order with North End Pizza, call 214-8227. At present, they will be open between Thursday and Saturday, from noon to 11 p.m.