Alley’s Bill for DCF Retirees Remains in Limbo

By Sarah Craighead 



Maine’s House of Representatives voted to pass Rep. Bob Alley’s (D-Beals) bill to remove penalties for prison employees who must retire early due to a state prison closure. The vote came at the end of the day on the legislature’s last official day, Wednesday, April 18. Some House Republicans voted against extending the work of the 128th Legislature long enough to complete voting on Alley’s bill, Rep. Tuell’s (R. E-Machias) Downeast Correctional Facility funding bill, as well as Medicaid Expansion and a host of other bills now left hanging in limbo, potentially for more than six months. The senate voted in favor of extending the session.

The legislature will return for one more day to respond to vetoes and potentially handle outstanding bills. That date will be scheduled at the discretion of Speaker of the House Sara Gideon and Senate President Mike Thibodeau, potentially for the first week in May.