Baileyville Looks to Phase 2 of Sewer Project

By Kaileigh Deacon


At their meeting on Monday, the Baileyville Town Council met with Annaleis Hafford of Olver Associates about the upcoming Phase 2 of the Sewer Project. The project will have a pre-bid meeting on Thursday before opening for bid on May 7. Hafford advised the council that the current time-line for the bidding process is in line with what happened last year. 

Phase 2 of the Sewer Project is estimated to cost $2.3 million. Hafford told the council on Monday that she had secured $500,000 in grant money, helping to alleviate some of the cost associated with the project. The project will include all of Broadway, the upper part of Palm Street, and Main Street up to the Food Mart. There was consideration of doing the Food Mart parking lot to the first manhole from the north entrance but as it is private property the council decided against it. 

“I feel like all the projects are coming together and it’s been really great working with the town,” Hafford commented.

Hafford will come back before the council with bids and more information on the finalities of the project once the bidding process has closed. The council also agreed to amend the loan agreement with the Maine Municipal Bond Bank for the Water Stats Revolving Loan Fun to extend the term from May 16, 2017 to May 15, 2019. 

Town Manager Chris Loughlin spoke to the council regarding the progress of the broadband utility. Pioneer will be doing the construction of the fiber network for $2.7 million. The utility has $810,000 currently budgeted for pole attachment, of which any remaining funds will be split 75%/25% with 75% to Pioneer and 25% to the Downeast Broadband Utility to go back into the project cost. There is roughly $66,000 that will have to be used in construction of two buildings necessary for the project. 

The state sent down their regulations regarding timber harvesting. The town will double check that their Shoreland Zone Ordinance is in compliance with the regulations by having the Planning Board look at it. The Department of Environmental Protection has approved Baileyville’s right to handle the land in the Industrial Park, LURK having given it up. Baileyville acquired the right to Land Use Planning at the Industrial park last week.

The town is still continuing to work on four Tax Acquired Properties by working with the owners on possible restitution with payment of outstanding debt. The council agreed that May 1 would be the deadline for contact regarding these properties before the next step is taken. 

 Chris Loughlin brought the Town Report and Town Warrant Articles before the council for approval. It was suggested that they combine loan repayment articles into one article, listing out the individual loans in the article. The Town council approved the report  which will feature the high school basketball teams on the cover of the report. 

Jamie McLaughlin told the council that any missing street signs that were down had been ordered and would be replaced by the end of the week. He also told the council that the signs they ordered to help direct the trucks going to the mill were in place and would hopefully help keep the trucks off the avenues as they try to get down to the mill. 

The next meeting of the Town Council will be on May 14.