Baring and About (For Dotty)

Sally Doten



This is a sunny, yes, I said “sunny” Sunday afternoon. The rays are coming through the front windows, the sky is clear, and the temperature reads 52 degrees.   I am hoping this pattern continues for the next few days as I am looking for my perennials to stick their heads above the ground. We all have waited impatiently for the spring days to arrive. This might be the beginning of something good.

The corner of Honey and Center Streets have been busy this weekend. On Thursday, I could hear Duane McLellan playing drum; I watched Mark Olsson rake his mother’s lawn; and our grandson, Alex, arrived from Kennebunk.  

Doug and Mary McLellan have arrived home after spending a week in Costa Rica. They were in good company: Steve and Laurie Green, and granddaughter Abby and her friend. Mary and Laurie tried zip-lining and survived the ride.

Sympathy is extended to the family of Frances Johnson. Fran passed away this week after spending a lengthy time at Marshall Manor in Machias. She will be missed by husband Terry and children. A sweet lady!

The Woodland Methodist Church held their “Spring Fling” on Saturday and did very well financially. There was a food table, so you could buy something to take home, a “junk” table full of others’ treasures; and hot dogs were flying out of the kitchen for those that wanted to sit and chat. This is an annual event for the church and a good community get-together. 

Many people are still not feeling up to par and need our prayers and support. Thinking of you Carolyn Chretien, Susan McCray, Avis McIntyre, Eva Rose Fairbrother, Lynn Hill, Stan & Judy Clark, and Kenny Murphy. Hopefully this sunshine will bring back good health and brighter days. 

Lulu (Dotty’s dog) has left the farm for bigger and better things. She decided that cousin Linda would be a good playmate and caretaker. Off she went to Massachusetts to check out the territory. We know you will be happy there, Lulu, and Linda will take you for many walks. Lulu was Dotty’s companion for only a few years, but she was loved dearly. Most of Dotty’s columns had something about this dog and each one of us enjoyed reading the adventures. Rest easy, Dotty, Lulu is doing well.

Baileyville will be having their SPRING CLEAN-UP DAY on Saturday, April 28. It will start at the police station at 10 a.m. Bring your own gloves; plastic bags will be provided. Everyone (adults and kids) will be assigned a street to cherish by cleaning up winter’s debris. Now here is an incentive to work; there will be $20 bills placed in white crumpled up envelopes and scattered throughout the many ditches. Finders keepers!!! Be careful as you work as there will be broken glass, pieces of metal, and discarded needles. Everyone is welcome to come and work, the more the merrier. What a fantastic way to keep the town looking good and having fun at the same time. I may live in Baring but might venture up just for a chance to find $20.  

The Baring cemetery will be going through it’s annual cleaning from now until Memorial Day. If there are any flowers or wreaths you want saved, get them now. Everything will be thrown out by the clean-up crew. As I have said many times before, work costs money. If you want to continue to see the work done, please send a contribution to me. More trees must be removed this year and, hopefully, some older stones can be straightened. The old stones are heavy and delicate. It takes many man-hours to repair them. Greg Bridges has volunteered to help with this as he has the equipment needed. If you can volunteer your time, let me know and I will set a date. 

Did you notice the change in the title of this column? I would like to attempt to fill Dotty’s shoes by writing about Baileyville and other areas. If the editor of this paper allows, I will continue with the new name and news.

Be well; stay safe.

Thought for the week: If you have one eye on yesterday and one eye on tomorrow, you are going to be cockeyed today.