Dennysville/Edmunds Congregational Church

Town News


This past Saturday, again, the Fundraising Committee carried off another of their wonderful, delicious, well-received public suppers.  This last was the annual “Italian Dinner” and hungry folks devoured much pasta in the form of spaghetti and lasagna, etc., with all that goes along with that.  No one left hungry!!

Due to the absence of so many of the continuing class members, this season's final weekly Bible Study, using C. S. Lewis’ The Scrape Letters as a motivator for considering the subject of temptation, and just how it “works” has ended.  The discussions and what we have discover and learned together has been a wonderful experience.  Since only half the book has been covered, so far, it is hoped that the study will begin again, possibly in the fall.    Previous reading or attendance at the earlier sessions is not at all necessary, so, in the fall, come and check it out.  You are likely to become “hooked,” as have been all the previous attendees, that have increased over the spring.