Hospice Volunteer Training

Congratulations to Down East Hospice Volunteer graduates and other participants from left to right standing: Jane Danforth from Machias, Arlene Wren from Robbinston (current volunteer and Reiki Master), Mary-Ann Beach from Addison, Lynn Sullivan from Roque Bluffs, Evelyn Alexandre from Addison, Denise Reisert from Cherryfield, Barbara Barnett, Director of Volunteer Services, Robert B. Gardner from E. Machias. Sitting from left to right: Andria Fitzgerald from Lubec, Dawn Montieth from Machias and Siana Schoppee from Machias. (Submitted photo)

Submitted by Barbara Barnett / Director of Volunteer 

Services of Washington County

This April, Down East Hospice Volunteers of Washington County hosted a hospice volunteer training at Down East Community Hospital.  The hospital graciously provided space for each training day and many of the hospital staff joined the groups to present in their areas of expertise.  It was five days of training, adding up to a total of 25 hours, covering all of the mandatory topics.

This year, nine people from Washington County completed the volunteer training, eight women and one gentleman. The training days were interesting, informative and fun.  The group was very energetic and engaging as they shared stories and ideas and had good questions for the presenters of each topic.  Several currently active volunteers and hospice board members joined the group during the training to welcome the new hospice volunteers.

Down East Hospice Volunteers of Washington County is the only volunteer hospice in our county.   We are non-profit and state licensed.  We have been serving hospice clients in Washington County since 1981, providing compassionate companionship and respite, always at no cost to the hospice client and their care givers.  

DEHV hosts a hospice volunteer training twice a year…. in the Spring in the Machias area and in the fall in the Calais area.  If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about taking one of these trainings or about our hospice services,  please get in touch - 454-7521, ext. 126 or downeasthospice@yahoo.com. or Facebook.