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Linda Baniszeski 


Greetings from much warmer, sometimes sunny Meddybemps.  This Monday we are up to 60 degrees with beautiful sunshine.  Ice is out on the lake, except for some tiny edges of ice.  However, our cove and the inlet along Stanhope Road are melted completely.  Probably Saturday, April 21 is the official date.  Who knows?  I’ll await the exact date from our lake experts.

Welcome back to Sue and Barry Pearson.  They are at their camp doing spring clean-up.  They opted to do so earlier this year.  When they usually come during May, they have had to contend with those pesky black flies.  This year they’ve outsmarted them.  It is absolutely heartwarming to see seasonal residents beginning the new season back on the lake.

A correction is required as to the spelling of names for some happy birthday wish recipients.  My apologies to Tonya L. Troiani and her husband Gary P. Gagner for all of the times I have misspelled their names.   My birthday book has been duly corrected and hopefully this will not happen again in the future.

Happy Birthday wishes to Cindy Hultzulak on April 28.  I may have also misspelled her name.  I too often deal with a misspelled and/or mispronounced last name like Baniszeski.  No biggy.  Just one of those little bumps in the road called life.

Flowers are trying to sprout around here.  Janet Woodling has crocuses coming up on her property.  Several daffodil shoots are peeking from our flower bed.  The forsythia bushes just now have very teensy little buds coming out.  It will be a delight to see spring colors again from the soil to the tree tops.  

A little chipmunk has come out of hibernation to fill up on bird food under the feeder and to torment Scuffy every chance it gets.  It is very fast on its little legs.  It shoots from one hiding place to another from the lake front back to it’s chippy-condo in the woodpile behind our house.  Scuffy sniffs out its trail whenever we go out and can trace its steps -- except when it dodges under the deck and porches.  The red squirrels and one gray are back to their usual schedules throughout the day from tree to tree, and jumping on and off the suspended bird feeder.  The little acrobats are quite adept at climbing and leaping.

We have a particularly brazen little red squirrel who habitually comes into our garage, and climbs up shelves to where the bins of bird feed and cracked corn are stored.  This little rascal can sometimes be found wallowing in the food bins.  Last week, Barry went out to get food for the feeders, when he realized a squirrel was once again somewhere in the shelves.  Scuffy was with him and immediately sniffed out the red squirrel.  The squirrel was so fearful that it ran up the shelves, jumped onto Barry’s back (while he was stooped looking for it) from which it leapt onto the hood of my car and then flew to the floor, sped out of the garage and across the driveway to its hideout in the woodpile.  Needless to say, both garage doors are now tightly closed.  It was quite a surprising development for everyone involved.

For the first time ever, we have had Bufflehead ducks on the water in front of our home.  There were three males and one female.  They must have been migrating as they disappeared as quickly as they had arrived.  More familiar black ducks have returned for the Summer, it would appear.   The red-winged blackbirds seem to have adopted us as a favorite feeding place.  They are so pretty and coexist very nicely with a wren and the blue jays that are year-round residents at our address.

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Blessings to all!