Sewall Memorial Congregational Church

The members of the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church were saddened by news of the passing of their dear friend and former member, Barbara Barnes, who had, in recent years, moved to the Bangor area to be near her son, Jeff, as well as grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  The church’s pipe organ was given by the family in the mid-20th century by the family in memory of Barbara’s mother, Princess Brown.  At present, the organ is  still functional; that is, it makes a very loud noise when it’s bellows are turned on.  However, it is not playable, due to the effects of raccoon residency inside “the works” during the years when the church was closed.  As Pastor Ron Windhorst explained, “There’s no problem about getting it in good usable shape.  It’s just … a matter of money.”  

As to money, the church has recently expended about twice what had been anticipated in the restoration of the fine large east-facing stained glass window.  There are many more crucial things that are next on the list, including rescuing more of the, still in fragile condition, smaller windows.  Of course, there’s also the matter of the roof, especially of the bell tower, which was something that always worried Barbara, and that’s just the top of the list.  As in all old buildings, there is much that needs to be done.

To assist in these endeavors, Barbara’s family has asked that any gifts in her memory be directed to the Sewall Memorial Congregational Church in Robbinston.  In case any of our readers wish to do so, the address is: Sewall Memorial Congregational Church, P.O. Box 76, Robbinston, ME 04671.  Services are held Sundays at 4 p.m.  All, of course, are most welcome!

There will be a meeting of the congregation at the church on Saturday, May 5th at 10 a.m.  One of the matters to consider will be how we may best use whatever gifts we receive in memory of Barbara.  Her concerns about the state of the tower roof shingles is a possibility and we hope to decide that and many other things during our gathering.