WaCo Volunteers Recognized

By Nancy Beal


During National Volunteer Week last week, scores of Mainers were recognized for volunteering over 500 hours of volunteer service in 2017 and each received the Governor’s Award for Service and Volunteerism. Five individuals had logged over 3,000 hours of service, and 32 had performed over 2,000. 

Among those honored were 20 people from 14 towns in Washington County. Eight of the 20 had logged over 1,000 hours of volunteer service.

The honorees, alphabetized by town with their hours of service in parentheses, were Penelope Perry of Addison (1,440 hours); Barbara McArthur of Alexander (706); Lorna Alley of Beals (1,245); Joy York of Calais (522); Patricia Nash (1,644), Christine Presley (1,700) and Joan Smith (1,495) all of Cherryfield; Nancy Albee (592), B. Lynne Alciere (1,067), Juanita Davis (1,396) and Ann Holbrook (763) all of East Machias; Peggy Foss (1,293) and Chris Sunde (944) of Eastport; Alice deLong (550) and Mary Pinkham (598) of Harrington; Eleanor Foss of Machiasport (602); Ellen Rossi of Milbridge (554); Maria Smith of Northfield (540); Margaret Richardson of Pembroke (783); Helen Brooks (600) and Kathryn Mekelburg (988) of Robbinston; and William Thomas of Woodland (502).

For more information, visit VolunteerMaine.org, or service.commission@maine.gov.