Baring and About

Town News

Sally Doten



11 p.m. April 29 and here I am just getting around to writing the most exciting news column in the Advertiser.  And, it’s raining outside. If you wait patiently until Wednesday, you will be pleased with 75-degree temps and least that’s what the weatherman says. Guess it’s a wait and see game. 

Congratulations to Dana & Missy Alexander. They have moved into their new home on Moosehorn Road.  So glad you are back in town. 

Guests at the Olsson-Noddin household were Stephanie Thompson and Tiffany Batten, daughters of Mark Olsson; Mark’s wife Angela and their grandkids, Claire and Tyler.

Jim and I were happy to see our granddaughter Jamie Wunder and great-granddaughter Harper French. They were here from Ellsworth to be treated to a “spa day” by Beth Doten.

Sympathy is extended to the families of Ralph Flood, Robert Waycott, and Clarence Murphy. 

The “CLEAN -UP DAY” for Baileyville scheduled for April 28 has been postponed. Chief Fitzsimmons will announce the new date as soon as possible.  

The Woodland Methodist Church will be hosting a public Pork Dinner on May 3 (Thursday). Doors open at 4:30 p.m.    

Russell Brown is anticipating hip surgery in the near future. Hope all goes well, Russell.   

Peter and Susan Casey have returned home after spending a few days with daughter Danielle and family.

BARING CEMETERY: Again another remainder to take any flowers or ornaments off your family lots if you want them saved. Everything left will be thrown away during the spring cleaning.  Please do not put out any new arrangements until the week before Memorial Day. Thank you for helping.

It’s time again for Baring residents to think about putting flags back out. If you decide to purchase a new one, please buy the size 2x4. The smaller ones tend to stay in place. You can leave them at my home. I will put your name on them, so they can be placed close to your residence.  Ray Falkner will again be helping to arrange them on poles. Thank you for helping to make our town more attractive. 

Beth McCray and boys, Jackson and Logan, attended the Amphibian Walk at the Moosehorn Refuge on Saturday night. The Refuge was opened for the public to follow the salamanders, frogs, and all water-loving creepies and crawlies to their summer residences in the small pools throughout the refuge. From all reports everyone had an exciting time. 

Myrna Gilmore celebrated her 80th birthday this week at her home with Fred & Debbie Sprague. Guestsa had a fun time and Myrna got a chance to blow out all her candles. Happy belated birthday, Myrna. 

To my Baileyville friends, if you have any happenings that you want to share in this column, please let me know.

Stay well; stay safe.

Thought for the week:  “Good friends often finish each other’s sentences. Really good friends help finish each other’s dessert.”