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Linda Baniszeski 


It is very nice to see lights on in camps that have been dark over the winter.  Patti and Rich Lentz are here for two weeks, Marc Reynolds has returned, and quite a few out-of-state vehicles are again seen on the roadways around here. Regular weekend visitors Mindy (Smith) Brown and husband Chris Brown from Milford, Maine, have begun their near-weekly visits with her mom, Tammi Smith.   I’ve heard a small private plane overhead a couple of times -- an island family often travels here that way.   It’s always more lively and good for business during warmer months when seasonal members of the community are in residence.  

Happy birthday wishes to Judy Ward Crosby and Terry Lord on May 4. 

Bruce Bailey phoned from Florida last week.  He is doing well and asked me to extend greetings to everyone here. 

Tulips, daffodils and forsythia continue to sprout.  Grass gets greener everyday, and more wildlife has appeared.  The Lentz’s saw an otter playing around in the cove.  We haven’t seen any of them for many years.  The last time we saw a beaver was when it chewed down a tree at Nin Hansen’s house quite a long time ago.  

Following is a summarized overview of happenings at the Meddybemps Annual Meeting:  

The auditors reported that all Meddybemps financial affairs are in order.  Elected were Ike (Melvin) Winchester as Selectman for 3-year term; Terry Lord as Assessor for 3-year term; Elizabeth Trouant as a member of the School Board for 3-year term; Robert Gordon to a five-year term on the Planning Board. Discussed were salaries for Town Officers; to raise maximum legal interest rate to 7.0% on unpaid taxes; authorize Board of Selectmen to dispose of Tax Lien Acquired Property, or retain such property for use of Town, reserving the right of the owner to redeem such property upon payment of all outstanding taxes and related expenses.  Current unpaid real estate taxes total $15,1180.  

Authorize Selectmen to accept, on behalf of the Town, federal and/or state funds which may be received periodically, in the form of grants and other funds.  Raised annual sum to operate and administer the Community Center.  Approved budgeted sums for waste services; road-related expenses; administrative costs; snow removal and sanding; Volunteer Fire Dept. administration; town cemetery; general and emergency assistance; Re-evaluation, Mapping and Planning escrow account; town roads maintenance; contracted Code Enforcement Officer; Support for enhanced 911 program; Animal Control; Meddybemps Community Center maintenance and repair escrow account; Authorize expenditures beyond fiscal year-end to next annual meeting.  

There was also a warrant to see if the Town will operate and govern alewife river herring fishing in all waters in the Town of Meddybemps.  The Selectmen are to provide regulations to govern the time and manner in which alewives shall be taken through an appointee or committee to issue permits.

Town Officers are:  Ike Winchester (3/18), Peter Trouant (3/19), Carl Gordon (3/20).  Assessors:  Terry Lord (3/18), Peter Trouant (3/19), Carl Gordon (3/19).

Overseers of Poor:  Carl Gordon, Peter Trouant, Melvin (Ike) Winchester.  Town Clerk: Tammi Smith (appointed); Town Treasurer: Tammi Smith (appointed); Fire Chief: Ike Winchester (appointed); Road Commissioners:  Carl Gordon, Pete Trouant, Ike Winchester;  School Board:  Elizabeth Trouant, Debbie Gordon and Dawn Winchester.  Plumbing Inspector:  Terry Johnson (appointed).  Health Officer:  Ike Winchester (appointed).  Code Enforcement Officer:  Ed Hanson (appointed); Animal Control Officer:  Harry Smith III (appointed).  Planning Board:  Robert Gordon, Terry Lord, Arnold Corning, Patty Reynolds, and one to be named.  Registrar of Voters:  Tammi Smith.

For more detailed individual reports, they are included the full 2017-2018 Annual Report that is available in the lobby of the Community Center.

Please send your personal, organization or community news to or phone 454-3719.