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April weather summary:

Most of April was quite chilly, but turned quite mild during the last week. April was the first cool month since December and was the coolest April since 2015. The monthly mean temperature of 40.4 degrees was 0.9 degrees below normal. Maximum temperature of 72 degrees occurred on the 24th, while the minimum of 17 degrees occurred on the 6th. Greatest daily temperature range of 40 degrees came on the 24th. There were 20 days with minimum temperatures 32 degrees or below. There were 735 heating degree days or 29 above normal. Total since July stands at 6,840 or 347 below normal (another easy heating season).

April was very wet. It was the second wettest April in 25 Aprils of record. Total precipitation of 6.62 inches was 2.35 inches above normal. Only April 2005 with 7.07 inches had a greater amount. Total precipitation for the year so far stands at 23.91 inches which is 5.90 inches above normal. Greatest daily amount of 2.21 inches occurred on the 26th. There were 19 days with measurable precipitation. This is a new April record high beating 18 days set in 2002, 2005 and 2011. Total snowfall of 6.3 inches was 0.9 inches above normal. Total for the season stands at 105.9 inches or 9.0 inches above normal. This makes eleven out of the last twenty-four winters in which 100 inches or more of snow has fallen. Extremes have ranged from a high of 196.6 inches to a low of 45.5 inches. Maximum daily snowfall of 3.8 inches occurred on the 6th. There were 6 days with measurable snowfall and 6 days with snow depth of an inch or more. Maximum snow depth was 8 inches on the 1st.

Highest barometer of 30.63 inches occurred on the 15th and 16th, while the lowest barometer was 29.22 on the 4th. Mean relative humidity was 74.5 percent. Prevailing winds were from the southwest with an average speed of 3.8 mph. Peak wind gust was 47/SW on the 5th. There were two days with peak gusts of 40 mph or more. There were 4 clear days, 7 partly cloudy days and 19 cloudy days. Daytime sky cover averaged 72 percent. Dense fog occurred on the 3rd, 17th, 28th, 29th and 30th.

Even with the soggy April, there were four days (21st-24th) when high fire dangers with strong winds occurred. The relative humidity reached a low of 20 percent on the 23rd. However, this falls short of the April and all-time record low of 7 percent set April 20, 2015.