Custom Vehicle and Business Decals Now Available in Calais

Those looking to customize their vehicles or their storefronts can now do so with the assistance of Bernie Yost, who offers printed decals suitable for application on windows or paint. (Submitted photo)

By Lura Jackson


For some vehicle owners, the best part about having a vehicle is customizing it. After all, what better way to demonstrate your support of particular teams, loved ones, hobbies, ideals or lifestyles than by displaying it publicly? Those who would like to customize their vehicle can now do so locally with the assistance of Bernie Yost, who has expanded his Raw Customs vehicle line to include decals suitable for a vehicle’s body or its windows.

Yost can produce a wide range of decals using stock art from the internet, or he can create custom decals from designs provided by the customer. Some of his most popular requests so far have been for local sports teams, including the local Little Leagues and the Bangor Witches high school team.

“People can have anything they want – as long as it’s not trademarked,” Yost said.

To create his decals, Yost currently uses a 28” printer, meaning the maximum size of a letter would be between 20-24”. A wide variety of colors is available – with virtually any color available given enough time – and Yost offers them in flat, glossy, reflective, glitter and glow-in-the-dark styles.

Referencing the reflective decals, Yost mentioned a person in Michigan that had applied them to one of the local police department’s vehicles. “During the day, it looks like a regular black SUV, but as soon as headlights hit it, it lights up and shows all the logos,” Yost said.

Requesting and producing the decals is a quick process, and Yost is even able to bring his printer around with him in his vehicle. He plans to have his printing area set up during International Homecoming Festival, enabling visitors to acquire personalized designs on the spot.

Yost’s decals can be applied to either the windows or paint of a vehicle. If applied to the body, there will be some sticky residue that remains, but it is removable without much effort. If applied to the glass, it will come off quickly and easily. While the decals aren’t overly difficult to install, Yost does offer installation – particularly for larger decals that are trickier to line up. “The simplest little mistake can ruin it,” he explained. For those who wish to do their own installation, Yost will be creating a how-to YouTube video, accessible on his business’s Facebook page.

If you have some glass that isn’t part of a vehicle – such as a home or storefront window – that you’d like to embellish, Yost’s decals aren’t limited in where they can be placed.  

Those who appreciate the darker appearance of window tinting will soon be able to request the service from Yost, who anticipates offering it by September 1st. Yost plans to keep some tints on hand with the option of ordering others by request, including the darkest levels of tint legally allowed. “It will be whatever the customer requests,” Yost said.


If you would like to request a decal, tinting job, or speaker, camera and remote start installation for vehicles, contact Yost on Facebook by searching for “Bernie Makes Decals” or call him at 992-3600.